Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Family of Indexers

This is a cool story from familysearch about a family in Guatemala that indexes together. We have a couple families in Shiloh ward like that. Robin's family, Jane's family, Beth's family, Amy's family, etc. Karrie J's family learned for FHE and have been doing great things. It warms the cockles of my heart. I'm thinking about having a contest: Family v. Family in March. And each head family can recruit people to their teams.... sounds fun.

I spent a long time last night getting the numbers ready for the bulletin before I realized it is Stake Conference on Sunday. I hate being stupid.

So here's Feb's numbers so far:

February Total 11,697  +3192arb

Donnie L 2976
Neil J         2800 +268arb
Amy G         1279 +2078arb
Joann S         818
Richard H 599 +806
Robin B   571 + 40
Scott G   536
Thomas S   367
Beth M    331
Ken J       150
Karry g    149
Shawn K   125
Shelby S  125
Karrie J  110
Sarah M  90
Joseph M  75
Jane H  75
Bruce B   50
Jaymeson S  50
Tim J        50
Vivian G  50
Amanda H  50
Jonathan S  36
Carol B          35
Keith S     25 
Larry W   25
Eleanor J  10

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