Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Family of Indexers

This is a cool story from familysearch about a family in Guatemala that indexes together. We have a couple families in Shiloh ward like that. Robin's family, Jane's family, Beth's family, Amy's family, etc. Karrie J's family learned for FHE and have been doing great things. It warms the cockles of my heart. I'm thinking about having a contest: Family v. Family in March. And each head family can recruit people to their teams.... sounds fun.

I spent a long time last night getting the numbers ready for the bulletin before I realized it is Stake Conference on Sunday. I hate being stupid.

So here's Feb's numbers so far:

February Total 11,697  +3192arb

Donnie L 2976
Neil J         2800 +268arb
Amy G         1279 +2078arb
Joann S         818
Richard H 599 +806
Robin B   571 + 40
Scott G   536
Thomas S   367
Beth M    331
Ken J       150
Karry g    149
Shawn K   125
Shelby S  125
Karrie J  110
Sarah M  90
Joseph M  75
Jane H  75
Bruce B   50
Jaymeson S  50
Tim J        50
Vivian G  50
Amanda H  50
Jonathan S  36
Carol B          35
Keith S     25 
Larry W   25
Eleanor J  10

Friday, January 27, 2012

Industrial School?

I just indexed a ship in the 1871 census that stated it was part of the Industrial Schools Act of 1866. There was a captain, his sons (9 and 9mo, respectively) and then about 12 boys ranging in age from 12-15. I had to look it up and it turns out there were a bunch of "schools" set up like this where orphans, neglected kids and others were sent to get an education and learn a trade.

Huh. Interesting. I love indexing.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year, New Goal

Shiloh -

Let's try for 750,000 overall total this year. Pre-paying treats last week seemed to have paid off - an entire family signed up and started working. Karrie has done almost 700 since Sunday! Hooray for the J family - especially since 3 of the 4 are in YW.

Here we are so far:

7684 total

Robin B      2066
Neil J      1030 
Bruce B        950
Karrie J         686 (NEW INDEXER!!)
Beth M        612
Joann S        609
Shelby S        501
Shawn K       225
Caroline M 208
Sarah M       142
Jessica J       128 (NEW INDEXER!!)
Scott G          82
Karen P  75
Joshua W      75
Rock J            55 (NEW INDEXER!!)
Katelyn M     50
Kailey J          50 (NEW INDEXER!!)
Carol B          45
Vivian G  30
Micaela G     25
Eric M              25
Amanda H 15

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Shiloh ward indexed our 500,000th name.

By my calculations, that's about 8,334 hours of work which is day and night for almost an entire year. (347 days). Go us. I couldn't be happier. It's even more amazing when people work so hard in the busiest month of the year. Merry Christmas to ME!

As for other milestones, NEIL J indexed his 50,000th name this month. (I did, too) And he arbitrated his 25,000th. WOW.

We have a couple new indexers: Karen P (the busiest of the busy) and Eric M. The M family is so good at contributing. Sandy S is new and has jumped right in as well. Shawn K just started last month as well and it's fun to watch him go. Some people really get the bug. I love it.

Here's our December Numbers (as of Wednesday night):

Neil J 6825 + 1446 arb.
Shelby S 1752
Scott G 1450
Joann S 720
Becky W 639
Caroline M 588
Robin B 538 +50 arb
Sienna S 500 (a very cute indexer)
Bruce B 375
Sarah M 275
Sandy S 269
Beth M 225
Shawn K 200
Vivian G 110
Ruth B 100
Rebecca B 100
Grant W 100
Eric M 54
Katelyn M 50
Shauna M 50
Carol B 35
Anonymous 25
Karen P 25

I'll blog our overall totals at the end of the year.

In other news:

I need to meet Marilyn K of Centralia. She hit 25,000 this month and she's the only one indexing in her ward. I have a prize for her. She did it without cookies, apples, candles or crying.

O'Fallon is at 1162 for December. Are you guys bored already?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

today's #s


December Total: 2440

Neil J 582
Joann S 420
Scott G 400
Becky W 189
Robin B 162
Shelby S 149
Sarah M 125
Ruth B 100
Caroline M 75
Sandy S 53
Shawn K 53
Vivian G 50
Carol B 35
Shauna M 25
Katelyn M 25

We need 7,457 more to reach our goal! That's 325 a day until the 31st. Please! Pretty please?


December Total: 731

Sarah P 363
Theresa P 300
Joel C 68

Friday, November 25, 2011

Numbers for the Bulletin


5000 total

Sarah Pridmore  1694
Emma Neary  1043
Peter Neary  760
Teresa Pridmore  701
Braden Rodriguez 200
David Rodriguez 162
Merlin Tobler  120
Mark Pridmore  88
Faith Neary  51
Katelyn Young  94
Joel Conte  128
April Neary  3


Shelby Stroud 677
Shauna Miller 500
Sandra Sudholt 412 (NEW INDEXER!!)
Christine Woodbury 286
Anonymous 267
Carol Burkhalter 257
Katelyn Meldrom 135
Sarah Meldrom 125
Shawn Knopp 101 (NEW INDEXER!)
Robin Burchett 75 
Bruce Burchett 51
Abbie Gladden 50
Kailey Jaster 50
Scott Gardner 50
Sienna Stroud 50
Amanda Hair 50
Vivian Gardner 30
Ruth Brown 25
Caroline M 25

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday numbers for the bulletin


2133 total

Shauna M 425 +25arb
Shelby S 301
Christine W 286
Anonymous 267
Carol B 257
Katelyn M 135
Robin B 75 +51arb
Sarah M 75
Sandra S 55 (NEW INDEXER!!)
Bruce B 51
Abbie G 50
Kailey J 50
Amanda H 50
Vivian G 30
Shawn K 26 (NEW INDEXER!!)
Ruth B 25
Caroline M 25 +25 arb.

YW: 1333 +25 arb.
Everyone else: 850


3700 total

Sarah P 1624
Emma N 743
Peter N 580
Teresa P 426
Merlin T 120
Mark P 88
Faith N 51
Katelyn Y 50
Joel C 15
April N 3

Great Job!